15:00-16,00 – OPENING + guided visit
of the exhibition of Samuel Gratacap (photographer)

15:00-19:30 – oneminuteportrait – shooting

15:30-17,50 – Portfolio reviews
with Marina Paulenka, Marion Hislen, Michael Sargeant

16:00-16:45 – Talk: Stupefication and experimentation: the ambiguous gaze
Dialogue between Alexandra Lethbridge (photographer) and Lina Pallotta (teacher and photographer)

17:00-18:15 – Roundtable: Photography in the age of Social Network
with Massimo Siragusa (photographer), Graziano Panfili (photographer), Ciro Marandola (social manager) Michele Smargiassi (journalist La Repubblica), Silvia De Santis (Instagram editor Huffington Post Italy). Modera: Simona Marani (journalist Blogo)

18:30-19:15 – Talk: Where is young Italian photography going?Dialogue between Francesca Catastini (photographer), Simone Sapienza (photographer) with Daria Scolamacchia (Teacher at IED Roma and Photo Editor)

19:30-20:30 – Roundtable: What happens in Europe: the experience of 4 International Festivals
with Marina Paulenka (Organ Vida), Marion Hislen (Circulations), Michael Sargeant (FORMAT), Laura Gasparini (Fotografia Europea)
Moderation: Arianna Catania (artistic director Emerging Talents)

20:30 – Screening
Projections festival partners: Fotografia Europea- Reggio Emilia, Format- Derby, Circulations- Paris, Organ Vida- Zagreb, Fotofestiwal- Lodz

 – Concert
of the Orchestra of traditional music  by Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio

Paesaggi Sonori
(curated by IED)





15:00-18:00 – Portfolio reviews

with Marina Paulenka, Marion Hislen, Michael Sargeant

15:00-19:30 – oneminuteportrait – shooting

16:00-16:45 – Talk: Body and identity, new perspectives for a personal narrative
Dialogue between Mafalda Rakoš (photographer) and Niccolò Fano (Matèria Gallery)

17:00-18,00 -Talk: Photography, the tool to awaken the memory
Dialogue between Gidon Levin (photographer), Maurizio De Bonis (Critic, director Cultframe) and Marina Paulenka (artistic director Organ Vida festival)

18:15-19:30 – Roundtable: Immigration through the lenses of photography: a dialogue between different perspectives
with Eyad Abou Kasem (photographer), Alessio Cupelli (photographer), Alessandro Penso (photographer). Moderator: Renata Ferri (journalist and photo editor)

19:30-20:00 – Paesaggi Sonori
(curated by IED)



17:00-18:30 – Workshop for children:
interactive-visit to the exhibitions and lectures
(curated by Cartastraccia)



Box 21 – Performance of portraits
shot to viewers by the refugees of the Center of Centro Castelnuovo di Porto (curated by Simona Filippini)




16:30-18:00 – Guided visit of the exhibitions



16:00 – 16:45 – Workshop by legatoria for children
curated by La Legatoria

17:30-18:45 – Workshop of japanese binding
curated by La Legatoria



18:00-19:00 – Talk: Photo Books selection Emerging Talents
with Chiara Capodici (Leporello)




14:30-19:30 – Workshop “ Il corpo che torna”
curated by Federico Clavarino



10:00-14:00 – #Storiedatestaccio
photographic shooting & video interviews at “Mercato di Testaccio”  curated by Alessandra Quadri, Manuela Luise and Riccardo Dogana

14:30-19:00 – Workshop “Stampa bruna”
with Luca Somma and Francesco Antonio  Caratù



15:00-19:30 – oneminuteportrait – shooting

16:0-17:00 – Roundtable: Collective Memory and shared tales: stories from Testaccio neighborhood
with Stefano Simoncini (researcher Unimol), Manuela Luise (photographer, #Storiedatestaccio), Elisabetta Galgani (journalist, Marmorata169), Lorenzo Pallini (photographer, filmmaker) and Riccardo Dogana (documentary, #Storiedatestaccio)

17:00-17:45 – Talk: This is not a real life
Dialogue between Dominika Gesicka (photographer) and Rosy Santella (photo editor, Internazionale)

18:00-19:30 – Roundtable: Moving images: from photo-reportages to web documentaries
Francesca Mannocchi (freelance journalist), Alessio Romenzi (photographer), Emiliano Mancuso (director and photographer-Zona), Luca Ferrari (filmmaker and journalist, M di Michele Santoro), Giorgio Bianchi (photographer), Paolo Palermo (filmmaker, Report), Sophia Luvarà (Head of Development, DocLab). Moderator: Sara Giudice (journalist, Piazza Pulita)

19:30-20:00 – Paesaggi Sonori
(curated by IED)




16:00-16:45 – Talk: The Castle, Europa and its unconscious
Dialogue between Federico Clavarino (photographer) and Massimo Mastrorillo (D.O.O.R)

15:00-19:30 – oneminuteportrait – shooting

17:00-18:00 – Roundtable: Archives of the future between stories, narrations and family albums
with Manuela Fugenzi (curator, RomaTre), Gabriele Agostini (teacher CSF, curator), Carla Rak (artist and photo editor). Moderator: Manuela De Leonardis (art historian, journalist)

18:15-19:45 – Roundtable: New spaces and opportunities for contemporary photography
with Lorenza Bravetta (MIBACT), Francesca Fabiani (curator photography/ ICCD), Matteo Balduzzi (MUFOCO, Cinisello Balsamo), Alessandra Capodacqua (SIFest/ Premio Pesaresi), Alessandro Dandini De Sylva (curator and artist), Simona Ghizzoni (photographer). Moderator: Arianna Catania

20:00-23:00 – Screenings:

  • Projection oneminuteportrait – shooting FUJIFILM
  • Projections festival Fotografia Fotografia Europea – Reggio Emilia, Format-Derby, Circulations-Parigi, Organ Vida-Zagabria, Fotofestiwal-Lodz
  • Paesaggi Sonori (curated by IED)
  • Projections Contest #PastPresentFutureHP HuffingtonPost Italy

21:00 – Video mapping
(curated by D.O.O.R)

22:00 – Sputnik Attacks
Live music

21:00-24:00 – Closing party


Emerging Talents is a project realized by PhotoTales, nonprofit organization.


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